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    I was wondering how did he put all the photos into 1.. Can someone please enlighten me?

    picture credit to mousedeers

    I was thinking of doing a shoot of 1 person but in 3 different roles in the same background(white) but im not sure how do i blend/mix them in..

    Anyone can help?

    Thanks alot.

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    he may or may not have used a tripod, but best case scenario is :

    1) use tripod

    2) use cable release

    3) shoot in burst mode with prefocus, unless you want shallow dof, then .. do it slowly, but hope that the background doesn't change too much (if in dynamic environment)

    4) use LAYERS in photoshop

    -open all images
    -copy and paste over
    -erase relevant parts of layers to reveal each person in different position

    if you don't know what layers in photoshop are, go and read up pls.

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    use lasso tool or quick selection tool or watever selection tool u prefer, select the persons, then paste to the background layer.
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    Here's a great video tutorial on how create an image like that!
    Here's the link... Hope it helps!

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    Can we achieve something like this if the subject is placed in a dark room, with multiple exposure on + multiple speedlight flashes? (Sorry, yet to try this out... just stroke my mind when I saw this...)

    I remember seeing an award winning photo photographing 2 fencing players in actions with similar effect. I doubt the winning photo is being PS-ed

    Please correct me if I am wrong.
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    frame, track and 10fps.

    then merge it in photoshop.


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