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Thread: Canon A40 vs Olympus C2040

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    Default Canon A40 vs Olympus C2040

    Sorry guys, it's me again.

    Wat's the price of the Olympus C2040 now? I saw in the other thread and felt Olympus took better pixs than A40, ixxit right?

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    erm, that statement would probably incur the wrath of a40 owners. Wat i can say is that the oly gives more manual options and slightly better pics. It costs about $650 incl gst. Its kinda hard to get now tho.

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    I dun mean to offend anybody. If I did, I'm sorry

    I'm just trying to do a comparison.

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    btw, i've checked a thread at it says that C2040 has been discontinued..

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    No prob lah Ling, each is entitled to his/her own opinion of which cam produces better quality, and it is the discussions that result from the oppposing views that bring out constructive information.

    Personally I would take the 2040z over A40, cos of the better features. But of course, it costs more too, and is an comparatively older model. Just to flip over to the other side of the coin, it does not have a noise reduction function like the A40, so for long exposures (maybe more than 4s or so), the A40 may produce better photos.

    ruud, yes it has been discontinued, but some shops like AP or CP still sell it, probably clearing the stocks already.


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