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Thread: Which PnS camera to buy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by markwee View Post
    How about the Sony T-series? Practically PnS. No need to adjust setting (e.g. no need to adjust even you are shooting near to an object, it will auto Macro).

    It's nice and slim too. Good for ladies.
    Diavonex did suggested earlier on. There are a few things that I'm not in favor of the Sony T-Series. The widest it can go is only 35mm and i would prefer a dial for the switching of various shooting modes (ease of use) rather than via touch screen (unless the menu is really that user-friendly). I would say the 35mm is a big killer.

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    how about canon ixus 110? canon IQ is one of the better one plus 28mm wide angle...and there's pink colour for this model.
    if not how about panasonic?
    I own both pansonic and canon PnS. Think both IQ is equally good...
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    If you want plenty of external adjustment, you'll be better off with a Prosumer Camera.

    The Sony DSC-HX1 zoom from 28mm to 560mm.

    Comes with dials, buttons, scroll wheel and joy-stick.

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    I have short-listed several models and only have to make a trip to the stores to try them out to determine what to buy. Since I have got the info I need, this thread shall be closed.

    Thanks for all the valuable suggestions! =)

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