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Thread: canon eos 66 or nikon f55?

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    Originally posted by crazyhorse
    Just for your infomation, the lens that comes with the camera is not very good....
    its not very bad either right?
    Anyway I can borrow lenses from my friends

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    You may also like to consider the Minolta Dynax/Maxxum 5. Got mine at CP (date & remote control version) at $650. Came with 28-80mm, 70-300mm lenses and camera bag. I think it should be about $200 less without the telephoto. Here's a review:

    You get more 'bang for the buck' with the Dynax 5 than the EOS 66 or F55, but you should really go try out all of them to see for yourself.

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    Originally posted by edx
    I will then have to worry about the state of the camera and whether the warrantee has expired.
    actually i would seriously consider second hand stuff if you're on a budget. you can get some really good buys that way and most photogs take good care of their gear. if you're worried about the condition of the camera you're buying, bring a experienced friend along (i'm sure there are plenty people who would help out here. also, new is not necessarily better.
    that way you can get something better than a F55 or EOS66.

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