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Thread: Ms color opening hours

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    When I bought my D200 from MS, I told them that I just want the body (not with the kit lens) as I will be getting some other lenses. After my purchase, I found out that for the money I paid MS for the D200 body, I could get a D200 + kit lens at AP. I actually called up MS and checked, and they told me there was nothing wrong. The amount I paid was correct and only for the body.

    I'm not implying that MS is not a good shop. I know they have plenty of supporters and good reviews, which is also the reason why I bought my camera from them. I guess those who had unpleasant encounters are the minorities.

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    they closes at 9.30pm but I suggest you just call them up for arrangement also to check the availability of the stock and current pricing. Florence is a nice lady will help you but she is currently overseas as I was told.

    I just brought my 5D2 from them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rendition View Post
    To be fair to them, I can imagine the amount of reservations they receive and I reckon there'll be some who'll end up not buying from them or... waiting time is just way too long. Imagine saying 'no, no stock' to potential customers who step in their shop. First pay first serve basis man. Did you ask them why? I can imagine your frustration if deal was clear for both parties.

    That said, I reserved 3 boxes of 5D Mark II earlier this year and they did reserve those for a week or so. Second time was when I told her to reserve a few LP-E6, and they did... in fact before I came in to shop, overheard someone asking for it and they said no stock, cuz they knew I was coming. However, I have never postponed the date I told them am dropping by.
    I reserved the flash the night before and went there the following day around lunch time so waiting time is really short. the deal was really clear that i'll pick it up the following day and that I am certain that I am getting the flash. when i asked them why the reserved unit was sold, all can they say was someone dropped by that night (after I reserved the unit) and they "thought" it was me and sold it. i understand that they are just doing business so I can't blame them if they believe in "First pay first serve basis"

    most importantly, I did not went home empty-handed

    wow 3 boxes of 5DII I envy you
    I shoot with my A7II . I shoot with my Kalashnikov AEG. I just love shooting ;)

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