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Thread: Photography Studio for Rent?

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    Default Photography Studio for Rent?

    Hi Guys;

    Is there any photography studio that can be rent. Lighting everything provided something like the jamming studio where people come to play music but this one is for photographers.

    If yes there is how much is the rent per hour?


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    Why don't you look in the "Commercial Services Offered" section? The description is even: "Equipment/Studio Rentals, Printing and other photography-related services."

    Or do a search for "studio for rent". I mean really, do try a search before opening a new thread.

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    Default Re: Photography Studio for Rent?

    i think theres a section on it..

    oh man i feel for you right now... in within minutes all the mods/senior members/people that spend wayyy to much time on here will rain down the flamefest on you haha

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    Hahaha I didnt expect to receive a harsh reply from that guy. He must be so arrogant. Sry my mistake!! I think this will be my post and going off to another forum.


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