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Thread: CS2 automation?

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    Default CS2 automation?

    any1 can teach me how to use this?

    cos i most of the time do the following
    -auto contrast
    -auto level
    -auto color
    -change dpi to 300
    -save as edited file
    -resized to 25%
    -save as resized file

    maybe the occasional crop or something omitted from it, but i want to make like 1 hot key to do em all XD

    i use CS2, i heard the CS4 can do it, but im running XP SP1 that cant use CS4

    any1 know if its possible for the CS2? and if so how?

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    Default Re: CS2 automation?

    what is cs2 automation?

    if you want to do the same thing to every picture, very easy, learn how to use ACTIONS

    just look up on the net "how to creat action photoshop", they should teach you how. if you don't want to look and want to tinker around yourself, it is not hard. i didn't even bother reading up, just play until i got what was going on.

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    Default Re: CS2 automation?

    what you are looking for is a photoshop action

    google "photoshop action"

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    Default Re: CS2 automation?

    btw, on another note, it is best not to leave everything up to auto functions in photoshop, sometimes can turn out very ghastly, literally.

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    Default Re: CS2 automation?

    ah so thats wut its called, thx guys!


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