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    Hi fellow Clubsnappers,

    Glad to finally be part of this vibrant community of photo enthusiasts =) Just got a starter DLSR (Canon 1000D) and feeling pretty excited to immerse myself into this newfound hobby.

    I'm pretty inclined towards extreme sports photography - especially rock climbing/mountaineering. Anyone with experience in this area? Any specific tips to share with a newbie?

    Also would like to know any camera care tips for handling/storing (for the benefit of us noobs) so that we would be able to get a good return for selling 2nd hand? Would be pretty useful considering that this would probably not be my first and only DSLR.

    Once again, Cheers!

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    First, welcome to the club
    Concerning sports: Do know your equipment, how it works and do know about the basics of photography (focus, exposure). I'm sure you know that rock climbing leaves little space for anything else so taking pictures in such situation must not become an obstacle.
    There has been a pretty nice YouTube video here about a camera holster to be worn in front, at the chest. Keeps the camera stable and under under control - and easy detaching for taking pictures. Could be quite helpful for your sport, just can't find it at the moment.
    Handling / Storing: Weekly hot shower is enough - jokes aside, check the manual. There are some tips about handling, care and storage. Apart from this, a wipe with a damp cloth and storing in a dry cabinet solves most of the questions. Just spare the front element from the cloth Get yourself a blower (e.g. Rocket Blower) for the dust at lens and sensor. That's all for the moment. Everything else you might leave to Canon Service Center for the time being, unless you are a DIY person.
    Concerning resale value - in short: forget it. You have bought a piece of consumer electronic, similar to any handphone or iPod or computer. You can watch the value going down after leaving the shop. Have a look at the Buy&Sell section here and compare to the Price Guides for new equipment. Better make full use of our equipment, learn and capture great moments - that's the best Return of Investment you can get (as long as you are not venturing into professional photography).

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    Default Re: Hello hello!


    Welcome to CS !!!
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    Default Re: Hello hello!

    welcome to the club!
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    Warm greetings to you..
    Welcome to clubsnap!

    Octarine have already done a proper reply to your following questions..

    Kudos to him..
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    Default Re: Hello hello!

    Welcome to CS! Keep reading, keep posting, enjoy shooting!

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    Hi altern8tif,

    welcome to CS.

    as I always say....

    SHOOT more
    Post more.
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    Default Re: Hello hello!

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    Default Re: Hello hello!

    Thanks for the welcome! And thanks octarine for the advice/tips too...

    Anyone knows where I can get a Screen Protector for the Canon 1000D?


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