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Thread: Need advise on Contaflex II

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    Default Need advise on Contaflex II

    Hi ppls,

    Sorry, to post my thread here at Kopitiam b'cos I couldn't find the exact forum on Contax.

    Happened to find this cam during a spring-cleaning and managed to check thru' the internet and found out that this is a collector's item and the specs. are as follows:-

    Make: Contaflex II (Zeiss Ikon)
    Yr: 1954-1958
    Mod.No.: 862/24
    Built-in Exposure Meter
    35mm cassette
    Tessar 45mm f/2.8 Lens
    Syncro Computer Shutter

    Absolutely no knowledge on this cam. Hope by posting this thread, I could find out more about this cam............

    Worth much???

    Many thanks in advance.


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    Nobody can advises or help.........

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    Hi Moderator,

    Not much of comments or advises over this antique cam....thus, pls close this thread and save space........ *sigh*

    Many thanks and Cheers!


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