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Thread: What is the basic fee for a photographer's assistant?

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    Default What is the basic fee for a photographer's assistant?

    Hey Everyone,
    As the title explains, and since there are quite a number of free-lance and professional photographers in here, I will like to find out what is the basic daily rate for a photographer's assistant, although the assistant has no previous photography shoot experience.

    Thank you and your help is much appreciated!


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    I not sure if you're hiring or being hired.

    I've some working experience with KF Seetoh, Makan Sutra Host.
    Due to his experience and exposure, I'm willing to work for him even if it's for free, I was paid S$200/- per week in 1996.

    It all depends on if you are willing to learn and who you're learning from. Treat the lousy salary as school fee.

    But if you're hiring, that depends very much on the profit and how important is the shoot, you pay peanuts you get monkey.


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