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Thread: The Violent Losers!

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    Default The Violent Losers!

    I come across this fellow who post inconstructive comments on the youtube. And later saw this video of him and his gang beating a poor chap...

    I am chinese of course i dun understand what the hell are they talking.

    Its so unbearable to see such uncivilised act in the society. They should be punish!

    Its just twisted back my memories in my younger days, I always been bully by gangsters.

    now I show no mercy to such pple...

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    Default Re: The Violent Losers!

    Pack of lions isolate an injured lion cub and mauled it to death, it was seen as weak. We humans aren't too far off, in segregating and picking on people we see as different or weak.

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    Default Re: The Violent Losers!

    Even security guards pick people on size (a wrong move picking on me though - I am small but I pack a big fight. LOL.)
    By the way, if you notice the video normally those who do the beating are junior members who want to prove that they have guts. Going 1 by 1 normally they will run away very fast. Only cocky and brave when they are among their peers, but inside they are cowards.
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    These pple are suckers. Even worse for the fellow who record the video. I feel pity for the poor fellow living in this kinda environment... I still remember back in the 90s Singapore is a dangerous environment for teens to live in... So many gangs around everywhere bullying pple. These pple should be put to jail for canning for Good...

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    LOL... the losers are quite pathetic... so many punches and kicks and the victim is not even bleeding or knocked out... if i'm the victim in the video, i will go on a rage and take as many down as possible... usually in these kind of situations, the attackers will back off...

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    i am sure the victim offended them in certain way to create a rage. The bad boys are just telling him off and the intent was not to kill.

    these are only kids play. while it angers us, this is nothing unusual.

    Such happens in Singapore even until today. These people live amongst us. Like it or not, we have to teach our kids to be humble and not get involved with big bullies.

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    Default Re: The Violent Losers!

    something like that happened to me when I was way younger.

    all I did was asked for a group of people to hold the door for me whilst I was running towards it. it was either my tone, or they just did not like me for whatever reason known to them, but they decided hurting me with their roller hockey sticks would be a good way of asserting their male dominance, and showing the only sheila in the group that they are worthy of ploughing her.

    fortunately/unfortunately, I was able to get myself out of the situation (by doing something to one of them that ended up hurting them big time), and they knew that I was able to stand my ground. so they pissed off, and then became friends with me after that. utter madness.

    the sheila in the group was quite yum though.
    chicken fight!

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    that is shocking.
    I think everyone in society should be given the opportunity to learn some sort of self defence.
    You can see the other gang doesn't even know self defence or any sort of martial art. If they knew it then they would know how to use it and when to use it.

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    LOL, really. 3Min and 09 sec, No sign of blood, and the poor fellow is still standing. WWE in sg? Really wonder what is the 'Ah bengs' trying to proof? They can act? Or they can wack one fellow with help of 3-4 man? Wondering if the one cig timing, 1 to 1 still exsist not. Conclusion, the poor fellow definately make the 'ahbeng' look childish and useless.

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    One big group bullying one helpless person.What unlawful behaviour those 'gangsters' display. They deserve to be severely punished .
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