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Thread: "Mini" brand card reader

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    Default "Mini" brand card reader

    Bought a card reader by the name "Mini"
    Although size wise, its not mini. Its performance is rather good.
    Managed to tranfer 3Gb in 3mins. ( about )
    Its about $27/=

    Sold by many shops in Funan. Some cheaper than others.
    Reads xD card too.

    Says "55 in 1" but i think that's just marketing

    Bad part about buying the black version is you cant see
    which slot is for what........

    I transfered from Elite Pro 133x

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    Default Re: "Mini" brand card reader

    At that kind of price, you can actually buy a "branded" card reader from one of the good brand such as Sandisk.You never know how reliable these brands are...


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