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Thread: "A" Battery + "B" Charger = ???

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    Default "A" Battery + "B" Charger = ???

    Hi all,
    Is it alright to charge a different brand battery (i.e. SANYO eneloop) with a different brand charger (i.e. Maha MH-C204W)?

    On the battery pack, they would usually advise / recommend us to charge the battery with the same brand of charger. Is this merely a marketing strategy for us to purchase their relevant products?

    Anybody here tried doing it before? Anything bad happened?? Like damage of battery or charger?


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    Default Re: "A" Battery + "B" Charger = ???

    yes you can u A batt on B charger, as long as your B charger is not those super quick charge type.

    super quick charger not compatiable with some batt.

    as long as your charger is charging at the acceptable charge rate with ref to the battery, there be no damage done to your battery. point to note when u want to use A with B is ensure that the charger is not using too high a current to charge your battery as diff battery can absorb diff amount of current at once. if too high, chances are u will do some damage and shorten your batt life span and unlucky or poor QC batch batt may even die.

    so its ok to do it provide u know your stuff else just stick to the same brand

    I charge imdeion 2100,sanyo 2700,GP 2700 on my sanyo 15min charger so far ok.
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    Default Re: "A" Battery + "B" Charger = ???

    I've charged all sorts of batteries from PowerEX 2700, Imedions, GP, Sanyo on my good 'ol GP PowerBank charger. No problems at all but now that I already have the Maha charger, am also charging all sorts of brands on it.

    Imagine if you have to buy the specific charger for the battery brand... lol broke man.

    Is this merely a marketing strategy for us to purchase their relevant products?
    Similar to shampoo lor.... they'll recommend you to use their brand of conditioner hahahaha....

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    Default Re: "A" Battery + "B" Charger = ???

    Depends on how smart the charger is and how it figures out when is "enough".

    Most high end chargers can charge many batteries, but not all. I have heard even Maha C-9000 rejecting old batteries that are manageable with other chargers.


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