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Thread: Hi guys/gals of CS.. i'm new here!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZerocoolAstra View Post
    Your skating action occurs in the evening hours?
    If it's in the day, should be no problem at all, so I'll assume under darkness. Hopefully with some floodlights or something, else it'd be rather dark.
    What kind of effect are you trying to achieve with your photograph? Do you want to show some motion in the photo, or freeze everything?

    You gotta play with your 'flash sync speed' in the D80's menu. Maybe it's been set at 1/30s or something slow, hence not able to freeze motion.
    Oh yes, its at night. That's when all the "old folks" are free to roam and play..

    Currently, i own only the D80+kit lens, so i assume i won't be able to get good shots in the day as i got the impression the lens is not fast enough for fast-action shots (correct me if i'm wrong pls!). But i'm going to try someday anyway, just to see how it'll turn out!! Before the night shoot, i've already visualize the look i want to achieve: the "Slow Sync Flash" effects look.. But most of the time the pics were real bad/blurry. I guess its because the built-in flash is not strong enough to "reach" and freeze the action. Hence i go about borrowing a flash from another guy there. You can see more of the skate action in my flickr here: Maybe you can C&C too??

    I'll delve more into the D80's menu and see what can be changed/optimized. Defnitely need more time to research, and of course, help from the kind people here. And have to borrow a flash soon too!! Thanks for the tip..

    Ohh!! And thank you all for the warm welcome!!! Cheers..

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    Default Re: Hi guys/gals of CS.. i'm new here!!!

    Warm greetings to you..
    Welcome to clubsnap!

    Have fun shooting!
    "From the Heart, Through the Lens"

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    Default Re: Hi guys/gals of CS.. i'm new here!!!

    Hi reanimator!!

    Thanks for the warm welcome!!
    I'm having fun everytime i shoot, and at the same time learning new things too!

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    Default Re: Hi guys/gals of CS.. i'm new here!!!

    Minolta. Konica Minolta. Sony

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