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Thread: my Gundam models, critique?

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    Default my Gundam models, critique?

    Hey, I recently started building Gundam models again because of Gundam 00. I still sort of feel like a newb. I just learned how to do all the weathering and battle scars for models. so here's my 1/60 Exia. let me know what you think, I'm open to criticism, but don't hate please.

    I've got more to come. I'm working on weathering for my Dynames. and I've got a Wing Zero Custom MG coming in the mail on Thursday so I'm hoping to get that up on here too!

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    Default Re: my Gundam models, critique?

    Sorry, I dont really understand?

    You want to C&C for the photos taken? or the model itself?

    If you talking abt the photos, I'll take you is very bad.
    cos is blur, noise, background and etc....

    If you talking abt the model itself.
    Can really tell is nicely done or what.... simply is cos the photos can give me a good image..

    BTW, thanks for sharing my Gundam model.
    must take many hours to complete it.

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    Default Re: my Gundam models, critique?

    That reminds me of my childhood hobby.
    Seems like the model does not look dirty enough and it'll be better if you have a battle scene background for it.
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    Default Re: my Gundam models, critique?

    Did you fully paint the parts?
    A suggestion is to sand down to sharpen the V fins on the head.
    It will make your Gundam look alot fiercer.

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    Default Re: my Gundam models, critique?

    The pics look like taken from any P&S camera. The white balance is not correct i think as the color looks strange to me. Pic #2 is a bit shaken or focusing is not sharp enough. Your Gundam may look good in real life but the pictures taken just dont have the kind of impact.

    No offence...just my own personal opinion

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