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Thread: help - medium format film back opened.

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    Default Re: help - medium format film back opened.

    120 means 120cm of film is in the roll

    from there you can calculate how many exposures 645 6x6 6x9 cameras make

    645 = 120cm/4.5cm = about 25-26 exposures a roll depending on how agressively or conservatively you load and therefore how early or late on the roll you start shooting

    6x6 = 120/6 = 20 exposures

    6x90 = 120/9 = 12-13 exposures

    Next time can use this in Who Wants To Be a Millionaire !!! LOL
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    Default Re: help - medium format film back opened.

    hi all,

    once again, thank you very much for answering my questions.

    The half roll of un-exposed film is still able to be used. The following shot comes from the balanced un-exposed film. Post Processed to black and white. no light leaking was observed.

    I guess, it is due to the fact that this is a medium format film, there is additional paper there to protect the film.

    Well, to process the balance roll is not money worth and time worth, unless the shots are highly important ( as per ortega mentioned ), in the sense that you only have a total of 15 shots, after open the rear film cover and advancing several shots, you dun left with much shots left.


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    Default Re: help - medium format film back opened.

    Quote Originally Posted by Yoricko View Post
    12 shots? 22 for 220.

    Anyways no MF for me, I'm taking the leap to LF instead.
    i've yet to see a 220 roll
    LF rox!
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