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    only single shot but cncs appreciated if there is lol

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    sometimes picture like this can become a controversial issue. ( it only happened when its being used commercially ).

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    my 2cts is that beer shots are usually associated with the 'image' they try to portray?,party,fun,sexy,etc.. Therefore because I cannot c the background, there is no forms of associations?..

    But of course theres no right or wrong, just my thots..

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    here is my view of this picture ( got left out in previous post )...others might hold a different opinion.

    a simple looking picture but with much thought goes into it.

    * daring composition, bending the rule of third, by placing the main subject in the bottom
    right corner. In contrasting, other might let the bottle cap occupying the whole picture
    * using sharp and blur focusing to differentiate them.
    * using contrasting vivid colour to draw attention of viewer.
    * simple lighting technique.
    * the space left over could be use for text filling, if used commercially.

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    nice! but it will be better if still can a bit of background. DOF is too thin i think...


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