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Thread: Tools of Trade - Workhorse.

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    Pity it's not in HAWTTT PEEEENKKKKK.

    Where's Adamadam?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lightning View Post
    Honestly, if I were to buy a camera from someone, I will choose to buy from a person that do not tape up his camera and yet the camera is not banged up, as compared to one that is tape up, as I feel that the person will treat the camera will less care when it is being taped up.

    Also, most electronics gets outdated before they get disfigured through wear and tear. So why tape up your gadgets and letting in retire with superb looks, and you never get to show off/enjoy it's beauty?
    as the name suggests, we buy camera to use, hence, protecting it is just one of the ways to minimize wear and tear...

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    I think for some there's more to just protecting the equipment. With the matt finish of the gaffer you can get an even lower profile.

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