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Thread: macro shoot: black background

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    Default macro shoot: black background

    hi guys, some of the macro shots tat i've seen has a black background. I've shot some of those before, but i forgot the setting to create black background.

    i'm not referring to placing a black cardboard or something behind the subjects, rather i'm referring to the camera setting, like speed n aperture.

    so how to create those simple black background?


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    Low ISO, flash, high speed and/or very small aperture.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zerstorer
    Low ISO, flash, high speed and/or very small aperture.
    flash? u mean dedicated marco ring flash only? "normal" type of flash will bring out the background izzit?

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    Any flash would work, but you need to control where the light is going. Make sure the background is as far as possible.

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    smallest possible aperture. eg F8
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