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Thread: liverpool vs singapore

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    Default liverpool vs singapore

    how&where to get the pass to get into the field to shoot the game?
    guys...need help here !

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    Default Re: liverpool vs singapore

    Dunno abt that but I'll be at the Kop Stand... anyone going too?

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    Default Re: liverpool vs singapore

    everyone cannot just enter the field if they have a SLR camera.
    your not going to be shooting on the field, your to late to apply for a pass and if you had applied it would've been knocked back straight away because you will be shooting for yourself and these pictures will have no reasoning for them. Unlike a getty photographer, straits time, the new paper, malaysian paper. All of these photographers will be taking pictures that will be going somewhere therefore need a field pass.
    You, do not need a field pass.

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    strictly, no shooting from pitch level except those with passes. try shooting from gallery.

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    Default Re: liverpool vs singapore

    lol..asking this question only 2 days before the game? media people submit their application weeks/months before the event. and like others mentioned, unless you're an accredited press member, you'll 99.9% not be successful even if you apply (unless you have contacts)
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