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Thread: DIY String Tripod?

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    The video:

    Chanced upon this video on the internet and it show using a string tie to a bolt at 1 end and a dish washer on the other. Attached the bolt to the camera then use your feet to step on the dish washer. Thus, help stabilize the camera like a monopod

    Wonder if anyone tried this method before and does it help?


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    Yeah, it was already posted on here a year or two ago. It's ok for quick snapshots with a lighter camera, but a monopod is still better.

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    i used it on my 80-200 when I didnt have a battery grip and it was a great help. I used the SAF boot lace (credit, so free) tied to a screw ($1.50 for 3) you can buy at the DIY shop. youll get used to it fast and it takes up alot less space than a monopod (i have a monopod too) but it depends on how you view yourself stepping on strings in public coz stepping on the string can get you quite some attention. but its lightweight, cheap and easily replaced.

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    i read this in a book somewhere...


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