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Thread: Advise for Place to shoot?

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    Talking Advise for Place to shoot?

    I dont know if this is the right place if its not please tell me so that i can move it.
    I want to ask if anyone have suggestions for this few location requirements OTLlll basically its because the location i know do not allow shoots, so yep. please help 8D?

    1st Location

    dark, kind of old & rusty looking.
    got those pipe, metal, chain.. etcetc.. something like that.
    There is no need for it to have a creepy feel. Just rundown is enough

    2nd Location

    A place with stacked up huge shipping containers like jurong port/jurong industrial area.
    [with enough walking space of course]

    I am quite sure that it is not possible to shoot there @_@;;;

    PLEASE HELP and give some suggestion @_@/ thank you.

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    I SUGGEST you read the forum rules and the Newbies corner stickies. One of the most important tips is to search first. Did you try that? A simple search instead of all the effort into writing all that text? you may have found:

    Where to shoot ?

    Locations, Locations

    rustic locations?

    best location to shoot in singapore

    Shooting locations?

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    okay~ will read through.


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