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Thread: ring flash vs speedlite

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    Default ring flash vs speedlite

    any one could explain which is better?

    i was thinking of getting the MT-24 from canon, but i alrdy have a 580EX mk II but im a bit dissastified with it coz it creates shadows instead of eliminates em when im too close to the subject. or shld i get that device (i forgot the name) that allows me to set my flash beside the body instead of the regular hotshoe (or was it horseshoe) slot above the body. i do alot of outdoor photography so the sun tends to create shadows on people's faces, esp if the person has alot of hair, or styled it spike/fwd/etc etc

    i alrdy am using a normal fix on diffuser, i played with the settings too. and occasionally it works, but these shadows are a problem for me

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    It all depends on how you control your exposure and flash exposure compensation. Some situations you might not even need diffuser in bright daylight.

    Ring flash in the sun won't work very well from what i know because the flash power is being diffused, therefore it isn't that powerful to fill flash for the shadows.

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    Maybe you could use a reflector to even out the flash, so you don't leave one side of the face dark, due to shadows?

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    Default Re: ring flash vs speedlite

    you want to keep your flash always on top of your lens, you can use either

    a flash bracket like this

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    or shoot horizontal and crop it to vertical at the post, this solution cost no money.
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