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    It's Free!

    The Substation Moving Images presents
    3 August 2009
    The Substation Theatre

    First Take, happening every 1st Monday of the month at The Substation, is a popular screening of new local short films and is followed by a Q&A with the filmmakers. A platform for new filmmakers and anyone who is interested in filmmaking to meet, exchange ideas and show their work. See the future talents of Singapore film!

    1. AFTERNOON NAP / BENSON ANG/ 3 MIN / 2008 / G

    A boy wants to take an afternoon nap, but his pillow wants to go outside and play.

    Director's Bio:
    Benson Ang reads too many Jane Austen novels. He has a degree in Creative Arts from the University of Melbourne, but spents most of his time at Uni either gossiping or daydreaming. Eventually, he ended up as a journalist in Singapore.

    2. GOOD MORNING 60 / SAMANTHA WEE / 15 MIN / 2008 / PG

    Peter Pang has just turned 60 and all he can see is doom ahead. Birthday woes get turned around however after a surprise encounter with Bhangra, a form of Indian dance, injects Peter with a newfound zest for life. Through the magic of this dance, Peter attempts to regain the sparks that had somehow gotten lost between him and his wife.

    Director's Bio:
    Samantha Wee completed her degree in Film Studies at the University of Auckland (New Zealand) and returned to Singapore in 2008 to work in the local industry. She has been involved in various productions ranging from corporate videos to TV dramas to info-tainment material. On top of this, she wrote, directed, produced and edited her first Singapore-made short film in late 2008-early 2009. She is currently developing another short film script which will be shot in Singapore this year.

    3. CANS / LINUS KOH / 12 MIN / 2007 / PG

    A story of persecution, rivalry and stigma faced by an old lady as she goes around the neighhorhood of Chai Chee picking empty can.

    Director's Bio:
    Linus graduated from the Temasek Polytechnic and is currently involved in setting up the media for the National Day Parade 2009.

    4. HOUSE OF MOUSE / VICTORIA NG / 2 MIN / 2007 / PG

    Darla is a lonely little girl living in her broken down house. With no friends or any real companions, she turns to mouse hunting as a hobby.

    Director's Bio:
    Victoria directed, produced and animated “House of Mouse” won a Gold Aurora Award for short animation and was the Best of Show for her Final Year Project in 2007. Victoria graduated from the Temasek Polytechnic School of Design with a major in 2D animation and is currently studying for a degree in Mass Communications with Oklahoma City University.

    SUBMISSIONS ARE WELCOME ALL YEAR ROUND! For more information or to
    screen your work at First Take, please visit our website at
    The Substation - A home for the arts or contact the Programme Manager of Moving Images
    at 6337 7535 /

    First Take is presented as part of The Substation Moving Images
    programme and supported by the Singapore Film Commission and has Kodak as our Main Sponsor in 2009!

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