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Thread: Anything to see in Shanghai...

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    Default Anything to see in Shanghai...

    Going over to Shanghai for a week on 27th; for those of you who have been there, anything to see? And where to go for shoot...? Right now it is winter over there so I am wondering, when going from cold place to warm room, water condensation will form on camera equipment, what do you guys usually do to avoid this? Ziplock bags? Any better suggestions?
    Thanks in advance..

    Going over there as my gf is posted there for a few months and I have a few days of leave to clear... so some days while my gf is working I'll wonder around with camera...

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    Take a camera with you. There are quite a few places to visit in SH. But for a more interesting experience, pay a visit to the nearby places like Hangzhou, Suzhou, etc. These places are usually around 2 hours train ride from SH.

    Also bring more winter clothes as its very cold (for Singaporean) over there in China now.

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    Default bBring a tripod as well

    Hey don't forget to bring a tripod. The night city scape is breath taking but you will need a tripod to expose those lights.

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    Why don't you ask your GF to suggest since she's posted there? She should have quite a good idea (and up to date as well).

    Anyway just came back from a 4 mth posting there myself so had a chance to run around a bit. Some suggestions:

    1. Yu Yuan - If you're into old buildings. It's near Cheng Huang Miao as well so you can visit both places together.

    2. Xin Tian Di - A kind of pub/restaurant street. Apparently quite a lot of regional celebrities like to go down there when they're around (think I saw A-Mei there) so can go there to people watch although it's kind of cold now to sit outside.

    3. The Bund - Default tourist attraction. Most people prefer the view from Pudong side as opposed to the Puxi side. The buildings on the Puxi side are lit at night so it makes for a pretty good night scene although tripods are a must.

    4. Pearl Tower - There's an observation deck someone on top (need to pay for entry) where you can supposedly get a pretty good view of the city (I haven't been up there myself).

    5. Hangzhou - You can buy a train ticket from the Shanghai train station to get there (remember to ask for a soft seat or ruan zhuo), cost about RMB60+ to get there and RMB 50 + to get back I believe. 2 hour ride. Go there to see Xi Hu (westlake), Yue Fei Mu (Tomb of Yue Fei) some temples, towers, pagodas etc. Was only there for 1/2 a day so can't advise much. Oh and the Xi Hu itself was so damn misty I could barely see the opposite side.

    6. Zhou Zhuang - More old buildings. You can buy a bus ticket from Shanghai Stadium I think. 2 hour ride again.

    7. Su Zhou - Haven't been there myself but heard it's quite near to Zhou Zhuang. Also about 2 hours out.

    8. Nanjing Bu Xing Jie - Nice view at night with lots of neon signs. Tripod would probably be helpful.

    9. Lots of old buildings etc if you wander around on foot. It's pretty safe there I think. I used to wander around on foot with my camera during weekends. (P.S. I'm referring to PuXi here)

    10. Shopping - Huai Hai Lu (upmarket), Xu Jia Hui (big shopping centers), Xiang Yang Lu (pasar malam, fake everything from Rolex to LV to Swatch), Yu Yuan district (loads of wholesale knick knacks) just to name a few. Btw, you can get some really cheap 2nd hand stuff there, think I saw a seagull going for RMB50 ~ $10. But there was so much fungus on the thing I swear the lens was alive.

    Didn't have much problems with my camera as most of the time it was going from a warm room to a cold place (outside) instead of vice versa.

    Weather there should be approaching 0 to sub 0 so good luck.

    Other then that, just watch out for the army of beggers, flower seller girls (especially if you're with your GF), touts (at Xiang Yang Lu) and overly friendly ladies

    Hope this helps. Feel free to PM me if you need any more info.

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    Go to Grand Hyatt Shanghai and head up to the bar on the 88th Floor. Good view of Shanghai. Of course if you can check in there is even better.

    My last few trips there managed to stay on 77+ floor onwards, good view and you can actually see clouds coming down and by late night, clouds will be on the same level as your room.

    Try some local dishes, namely cold dishes. Pretty interesting food there. Just got to have an open mind and take the food as it is. Else there's no fun right ?
    Also try the sheng jian pau.

    Weather should be nearing 0 . Even if it is arond 5 degrees, i do walk out just wearing a polo shirt. Bring along a jacket just in case the winds get too strong.

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    Oh! How I miss the Sheng Jian...go Shanghai die die must try the Sheng Jian...coupled with beer and a few good friends and you have the perfect setting to talk anything under the sun.

    Anyway, most of the attractions to go have been covered wantunn, so not much to say. However, you may want to hop on a ferry cruise ride along Huang Pu Jiang, or go up some of the bridges that straddle across the river to get a bird's eye view of Shanghai.

    Yu Yuan's a good place to observe the traditional Chinese buildings, and don't forget your wide-angle lens!

    Bargain till your heart's contends and eat things you never find in Singapore.

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    Default hahaha....its cold now...


    Posting from Eastern coast..of ....Shanghai.....

    Weather now....sooper cold...due to winds. I'm now typing in my hotel room...with the waves beating the shores outside and the whistling of the wind against the glass panel.

    Kinda no moisture poblem so far with my cam.

    Temperature low today -2. Too windy for any shots out there today.
    Sunrise and sunset is beautiful with no need of any filter.........the hazy smoggy sky casts a nice filter over the can look at the sun..with your bare eyes..!!!!!

    No rain for this week......(forecasted).

    In this area where i'm anchored.....not much opportunity this week as knock off already sunset...... Nevermind......will have more chances in the future.....

    Lots of streets photos to take and ppl with rosy cheeks......

    Well.....have fun in Shanghai.....


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    Hi guys!
    Thanks for the info.. gonna collect my plane tickets tomorrow..
    My gf told me to bring very little stuff. buy everything there..
    I'll be staying at the service apartments at Ascott Pudong..


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