Hi everyone,

just wanting to collect some feedback from people who have possibly worked or lived in Tianjin for some time. Or in fact anyone who has any experience at all with the place. I have just been offered a position to work in Tianjin today. Have't discussed the details or package yet...but I have verbally given my ok to the bosses that I m willing to relocate.

I have been to Tianjin before, twice in fact. Once last year and once back in 1996. However, being there is really different from living there for some time. I actually would like some information so that when I go through my package I know if it is a good deal to move...

1. Does anyone know how much tax is payable in China and how it is calculated?

2. Cost of accommodation. Say if I am renting a one bedroom furbished new apartment, how much should I be looking at for rentals?