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    where is the guy who posted the pictures of Jean tha tI slammed.

    I thought I was rathe tame already even though the pictures were a mess.

    Now, the thread is gone.

    My message to these wimps. you are what t I mentioned, whimps! nothing more nothing less.

    Sad that yo were taking out time of the membership.

    my portfolio

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    Nowaday, the lastest trend is to deleted the whole post when they don't receive the comments that they want......

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    Rule 1. Be Nice and Be Civilised - abusing, name-calling, personal attacks on members and/or generally trying to stir up trouble will not be tolerated. Be kind to newbies as they may not know the general flow of the forums. Repeatedly violation of this rule will result in banishment.
    warning given and thread closed.
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