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Thread: [DIY] Microfibre Cloth Canister

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    I have a habit of keeping my microfibre cloth by my side, just for the impromptu cleaning jobs. As such I needed something I could keep the microfibre itself clean from other things in my bag. So came up with a little DIY job that I like to share, even though there may only a few who appreciate it.

    Tools needed:
    1. Old Film Canister With Cap
    2. Long Piece Of String
    3. Microfibre Cloth e.g. From Optical Shops
    4. Lighter
    5. Large Nail
    6. Pliers
    7. Sewing Needle With Thread
    8. Super Glue

    1. Burn 3 holes - one at the middle of canister, one at the bottom of the canister and last one at the centre of the cap. Flame the large nail by gripping with a pair of long nose pliers and slowly melt the plastic material of the canister. You can also choose to use a sharp blade to cut the holes.
    2. Cut a long string into about 6 inches, tie the two ends with knots and run them through the hole at the bottom of the canister, forming a loop in the process. You might like to add a small drop of superglue to fix the loop into place.
    3. Again cut the string into about 3 inches, insert one end into the hole in the middle of the canister and the other end in the centre of the cap. Tie both ends of the strings with simple overhand knots.
    4. From the end of the string that emerges from the inside of the middle of the canister, sew or superglue one corner of the microfibre cloth.
    5. Fold the microfibre cloth into the canister and close the cap.

    1. Microfibre cloth is kept clean from dust, dirt and damp.
    2. Microfibre cloth can be used to clean lens with ease.
    3. With the long loop at the end of the canister, this can be attached to a belt or a bag easily.
    4. With the small piece of string that attaches the cap to the main body of the canister, the cap will not be lost easily.
    5. The cloth can still be washed and hanged dry.
    6. Cost is minimal.

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    Default Re: [DIY] Microfibre Cloth Canister

    Thanks for sharing ur DIY.
    I will give it a try as I like to use microfibre cloth for my stuffs also.
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    Default Re: [DIY] Microfibre Cloth Canister

    Looks good, thanks for sharing!

    Since I have both types of canister, can use the clear type to house the MF cloth. At least be sure to bring out the canister with the cloth inside!

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    Default Re: [DIY] Microfibre Cloth Canister


    My MF cloth gets missing too.

    Good idea to try it out.
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