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Thread: Good 'take anywhere' prosumer camera

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    Quote Originally Posted by PLRBEAR
    Wah. all the recommendations getting bigger and BIGGER!
    Yeah, its too bad the higher-spec, better cameras are usually bigger in size. None of the "small" cameras take microdrives anyway. The smallest one I know that takes them are the S40/45/50 from Canon.

    Here's my view:
    The G3 is a great all round cam, but it's AF is slow. So if you are used to the speed of a DSLR, the G3 will feel like a grandmother.

    If you want fast, and can live with not-so-small, I recommend the A1. I have it, and it's great. Fast ( though slower than DSLR ), ergonomic, full-featured, low noise 5MP pics, and great 28-200 lens + image stableliser. The downside : expensive ( around $1550 ), and rather big ( but small enough to fit into a normal-sized waist pouch. In fact, that's how I usually carry it ). Yes, it takes microdrives. I also have a DSLR, and I use the A1 as a 2nd camera. The 28-200 lens makes sure that I can capture all manner of photos that my DSLR fitted with a telephoto lens can't.

    If you want small, but speed not so important, try the S45/S50 cameras from Canon. Has most of the features of the G3, but much more compact and small enough to fit into your pocket if you're not wearing tight jeans.
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