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Thread: WTS: Brand new JVC DVD player

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    Default WTS: Brand new JVC DVD player

    It's brand new and unopened, got it as a lucky draw price. Want to sell it off as I already own a DVD player.

    JVC DVD model: XV-N33SL

    Main features
    JVC's laser pickup has been known for superior resistance against mistracking due to the variable thickness of two-discs, serious scratches, disc wobling and non-concentricity. This year JVC newly developed a higher-performance pickup-the 'Dragonpick' - that follows wandering tracks and plays warped discs with impeccable precision.

    rp: $140
    Havey Norman is selling this model for $199.

    If interested, pls email me your price and contact no. at

    No banal talk and for serious buyers only.
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