I remember in Uni days shooting with both medium and large formats. Can't remember the focal length for the LF or the brand of the camera the uni let us use but 4x5 film was 1) troublesome to load 2) troublesome to focus/compose and 3) even more troublesome to develop.

Our uni had the Jobo colour processor which allowed us to process our colour film (either C-41 or E-6) but it was also troublesome to flush out and change chemicals.

B/W was much easier and we had a temp/timing chart to follow for processing different films (eg, Ilford HP4, Delta 100, T-Max, Tri-X Pan etc).

Medium format cameras that we were allowed to borrow from uni (after going through a quick training course included the Hasselblad 501CM (which had a very impressive "plik-plok" kinda shutter sound) to the Mamiya 645.

I can't for the life of me remember the so-called "standard" lens focal length for those cameras (because we were mainly only given 1 lens to use and that was it) but I remember that the Hasselblad was a 6x6 square image (just dug up a neg and scanned it in).

At the end of the day, I don't think it matters if you know what the "standard" lens is for whichever format so long as you've got the tools and know how to use it.