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Thread: The inspiration reason behind

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    Default The inspiration reason behind


    Newbies but age maybe to late to start

    Cant remember when I serve this website before, but I ever seen some one
    has one shot that inspired me trying to know more about photo taking.

    I just brought a used Canon in this forum and hope to kick start when ever
    corner i can snatch any nice photos soon.

    However, I have one small request, if any one recall there a treads or post
    of a clouds in this forum. Appreciated very much, I missed that clould that
    posted & I taken 3 days to browse this forum but I cant find.

    - Clouds
    - Sun at the back
    - with effect of orange shadow
    - i guess time shoot was either 4-6pm sun setting
    - 70% cloulds on the right & 30% hdb on the left (maybe i am wrong as cant recall)

    I guess is kind of weird request but I really would like to see this photo again

    May be this is the 1st sign of addiction of photos poison......
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    Default Re: The inspiration reason behind


    i just brought 2 camera from this forum

    question 1
    fuji has sound emitted eg;no shutter/beep sound, can take video but with no sound...may i know where to repair? is it worth? if no is ok as just take photo for work only

    question 2
    may i know where to buy bags, any used? i am a quit chor lor person and & better get a simple bag for my fuji just protection when use for work, most bags suit any cam? or must buy fit fit?

    question 3
    my compact olympus actually use for work just spoil, that why get fuji replacement, this cam auto lense after switch on, it auto extend & close back & dead, may i know where to repair? is it worth repair? throw?

    many thks for your kind adv as i am not so sure of camera lobang and katou how to rectify these

    thanks for reading and answering.......
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    Default Re: The inspiration reason behind

    If you want a used bag, can try looking in the Marketplace

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    Default Re: The inspiration reason behind

    thanks cartman

    by the way, just to update, the clouds background with hdb, clouds behind has sun but cannot see sun as blocked by the clouds, the clouds edge got orange color & blue, very beatiful

    look like sunset color reflect

    i really missed that photo, once i found this, will sure seek that owner permission to download or email me & keep as my work station wallpaper. still dreaming of it...
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