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Thread: Love for a Child.

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    Smile Love for a Child.

    View larger image here.

    Hi guys, would appreciate some comments about this shot I took in Nepal.

    It seemed to me that this shot fell short somewhere and could be improved but I could not really point out where exactly. Need you people to help me out here.

    I took this shot in a Nepalese village. Walked by and saw this mother and son laying there in their mud plastered room so I asked for permission and snapped.
    I do think that the focus is definitely not sharp enough but would also want to see what the others think is missing or wrong with this shot. Overall, seems a bit flat to me. I took another shot that was slightly better exposure wise (I think) but I preferred this composition. Here it is.

    Thanks alot people!

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    Bro i think portrait oriented looks better. Try cropping it. I like the expression of the mother n the baby in the other photo. 1 Reason i ask u to crop is the basket on the right side is dominating your photo. Losing a few pixel is better than the whole photo. I love that shot for sure.

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    Lovely pic, but aiyah why e cropped feet!? I oso agree the basket is overpowering but that can be easily fixed though.

    For e other cropped image, actually e basket doesnt really says much, so u can afford a portrait crop showing more body, atm those toes sticking out really cannot Just clone away.

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    sorry cant connect your picture and title. cannot feel the love flowing. i feel there is no closeness btw mom and baby. for example if the mom was looking at baby there is connection in the pic etc.

    i like the color though. also you may wanna watch your framing (baby and mom's soles are cropped).

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    Thx guys.

    I did the portrait crop and pp the basket away. Sure does look more presentable. However, not good enough to be blown up. Focus was off.

    Thanks alot for the insightful comments.
    I admittedly didn't catch the foot of the subjects being cropped off. Will take note of framing too!

    Thanks again.

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    Dnt knw abt rest, but I do like the basket there but much darkened, not totally removed..

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    That woman's look is priceless .. wish my subjects all had that half smile.

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    beautiful lady and very cute baby! this is a good shot, but personally, I prefer the other picture because the mother was holding her child closer to her (and the kid looks really happy!). seems to fit the title better.
    my 2 cents!

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    Thx guys for your inputs.

    redmonsoon: i see where you're coming from. I originally wanted the basket there to show their form of rocking basket (摇篮).

    phazed1: Yeah I guess i was lucky here. Thx.

    huixiann: Thx! I loved their expressions too. They were very natural in front of the camera and they really liked it when they had the chance to see themselves in the camera too!


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