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Thread: Photography Challenge - Self-Portrait

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    Default Photography Challenge - Self-Portrait

    The photo should well present unique character of the photographer himself. There is no limit on when and where it was taken, both color and black and white photos are welcome. You may submit upto 3 photos to the challenge gallery.

    The top six photos will be entered the Photos Of The Year 2003 Contest.

    Register to eligible for submission and voting:

    Submission to challenge gallery:

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    Hi, thanks for your comment.

    It is not configuration problem, my host server has outstage for sometime. The links are not functioning properly in that period....

    Quote Originally Posted by Cheesecake
    ok, the links have been updated.

    all is well now.

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    By the way, your account has been updated. Do join our last contest for the year 2003. Self-Portrait...

    Quote Originally Posted by Cheesecake
    seems that it takes a long time for the registration process to be completed.
    registered some while back and i've yet to receive any email on follow-up actions.

    by the way, some of the links in the forum relating to the contest seems to lead to nowhere.

    GoldenHammer should check the links again and correct the faults.

    for example...

    clicking on the CONTEST button leads me to a blank page.

    wow... so much errors... pls double check.
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