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Thread: WTS: Treo 270, PDA mobile phone

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    Default WTS: Treo 270, PDA mobile phone

    I hav a 2 mths old Handspring Treo 279, Color screen Palm Os PDA mobile phone for sale.

    Selling it at $400 (standard set with software, usb sync cables and charger)

    I will also give you

    1)New Martin Field Screen protector (cost $25)
    (scratch proof and washable)

    2) New Car charger (cost $30)
    ( total unuse)

    For more info please visit.,00.htm?

    Please call me at 70003000300 if interested
    (its a special local number just dial all 11 digits) If I did not ans your call that means that I am in a meeting.

    Thank you
    Morgan Oh
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    Lelong Lelong...

    Price drop to $380, with free screen protector and car charger (both bought at $55) therefore the PDA phone price is only $325.

    Thank you
    Morgan Oh


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