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Thread: Cheat Sheet for Nikon DigiCams?

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    Default Cheat Sheet for Nikon DigiCams?

    Hi all,

    Happened to visit this web ( and found that there are Cheat Sheets for most Nikon, Canon, Fuji Digicams (range D series to Coolpix series).

    Was wondering does anyone here happened to own one, and if Yes, then how effective is it?

    Just curiuos and pls pardon me if this Cheat Sheet has been in the market for many moons.


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    I have them for my D100 and SB80DX. Basically everything you need to know from the manual is condensed down into folded laminated cards, that are light and easily stored somewhere in your bag. I refer to them once in a blue moon though. I guess it depends on how well you know how to use your gear.

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    For those with Tom Hogan's D100 e-book, there are two pages that contains the descriptions Royce mentions. Tom actually suggested printing out the pages and laminate and bring around.

    Have yet to do that

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    Well, seen the one advertised on that web seem quite user-friendly. Probably newbie like me with minimum time allocated for photo-taking (b'cos of work), would really, really need to memorise the function keys, etc. Think it's almost impossible to do that.

    Reckoned that it really comes in handy when you need it.

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    Ok la...
    As a s'porean, anywhere to get free tips?
    For e.g.: the Sunny F16 rule... blah... blah...

    I dun mind doing 1 card myself...
    Maybe can share with U all..

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    Wah......... that will be good. Newbies can benefits from your work....

    Thank you in advance........



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