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Thread: Seeking feedback on Film Scanner Canon 8800F

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    Default Seeking feedback on Film Scanner Canon 8800F

    Hi all

    I've got heaps of film negatives that I want to digitised. I'm considering the Canon 8800F CCD film scanner that can scan up to 12 frames of 35mm negatives at one go. The scanner costs $319, which I think it's affordable. The scanner's product URL is here.

    Just wondering if any CSers have any experience and feedback about this particular model.

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    Default Re: Seeking feedback on Film Scanner Canon 8800F

    I am using it. Not the best option if you are looking for quality. With ScanGear (Canon bundled software), the resolution is ok (like from a 5mp camera) but the colors are a bit tricky to get right. It clips black and white a little too much. If you're going for better scans, silverfast or vuescan may be considered but neither has a negative profile database comprehensive enough, so you'll either do your own profiling or fall back to some sort of locking-in.

    I got mine for 285 a while ago.

    BTW, with ScanGear, the scanning of negative are one-by-one in a batch, meaning the scanning head will return to the original position after each picture (and the image transferred).
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