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    I was wondering if anyone has any idea what i can use as backdrop for a home studio?

    I need a pure white background..tried using mahjong paper but the effect isnt as nice as i wanted.

    I want to shoot people, and i have a small budget

    do share with me if you have any ideas..thank you!

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    if ur buget its like 30 below. u can get actually white fabric from china town area.

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    Ehhh depends on the kind of effect lor... Paper backdrop will give you seamless b/g. If you're looking for those like make over shots., get muslins or some large cloth and drape it lor...

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    small budget is how much? $30?

    if it is only $30, the smaller roll 1.5 meter wide paper backdrop will still way over your budget, you still need to buy stands and cross bar to support it.

    a plain white muslin is about $80

    if buy cheapest 30" wide white cotton cloth about $2.50 per meter, buy 9 meter, ask people to sew together in one big piece for you, $30 also not enough.

    but it is enough to buy many mahjong paper plus double sided tape.

    btw, the simplest backdrop support system is about $150~$200
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    Default Re: paper backdrop

    Dun want to spend..go outdoor and shoot!!

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    $150 only? So cheap? i didnt know that..

    thanks for sharing..

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    Smile Re: paper backdrop

    usually, one evenly overexposes white backdrop to achieve 'whiteness' with lights. for people shots, two lights minimum.

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