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Thread: How many of you know about........

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    I have to admit to something... I had been following this thread for some time oredi...

    Find it a rather silly and shallow topic but can't help amusing myself in reading the amount of negative feedbacks that the originator is getting. Is it time "Pro Image" stands out to speak? Cos I personally find it offensive to challenge the general CS community here in this manner...

    Though the Internet is a "free" zone for you to shoot off something without being held physically responsible, but this will reflect very badly on you as a person.

    No offence here, but this have to end somewhere... Hope this can be resolved in a "gentlemanly" manner?

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    Dear all,

    I must admit my stupidity... coz I really don't understand what "Pro Image" is talking about. So many questions and I have to give one answer.

    I have to concede: No wonder we all have no license to call ourselves pro image.. coz we dunno what the technical aspects of photography is. My brains just cannot process fast enough to handle all technicalities when it comes to the once-in-a-lifetime, once-in-a-split-second shot.

    Dear Pro-Image,

    IF all you want for Christmas is an ego-booster, then there you have it.

    You win, lens down.

    For me, I better read up all I can about Pro Image's disturbing challenge. Borrow or buy all the related books I can find from Amazon and get it shipped before Christmas. I better improve myself by learning all this technicalities and ignore what I've got natural talent in. Oh, I feel so hopeless and inadequate.

    Man, thanks for the challenge...

    You the best lah. (kowtow kowtow).. (buay tahan....)

    p/s: for goodness sake lah... does your question REALLY matter?

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    Think its high time to close off this thread as its going nowhere fast.

    Note to ALL members:- We understand that there are more than 6000 of you ppl here now, and there are definitely going to be 1001 different levels of knowledge or interpretation of that knowledge.

    While we Moderators try to be as helpful and provide as much knowledge as we can, we are not full-time photographers, nor are we the founts of all photographic knowledge - there are plenty of others who know more than we do.

    Thus, in the spirit of community sharing, we urge that those who do know and wish to share, do so willingly and of their own free will and in a manner which benefits and does not belittle or place others in a bad spot. AND, for those who do not know or know just about enough to be dangerous, graciously accept the knowledge/teachings offered and at least be civil enough to acknowledge and not "attack" the one who is offering his advise or knowledge (unless they can absolutely prove that its wrong or contrary to general behaviour).

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