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Thread: no flashing??!

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    Default no flashing??!

    why cant we use internal flash when wide/tele lens is used??


    wat would happen if internal flash was used when there was a wide/tele lens added???
    any damage to whatever parts???!
    i have no clue as to why its stated on the box....
    doesnt give a reason, just states so
    btw, using fuji s5000


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    HAHA. Pardon me, but that occured to me as funny.. When you add tele or wide lens, and use the internal flash, part of the flash will be blocked by the extra lens. So you'll see a black area in your picture. You can give it a try... And no, the flash won't burn/electrify/incinerate/vanquish your camera.

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    the only way is to use external flash.use some tracing paper to cover the flash, use maunual mode on both the the cam and the flash to fine tune the exposure.
    Btw I am a S5000 user.Flashs like Sb 24-28,sb80dx, canon 550ex.

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    thanks fer the info guys
    appreciate it

    well, at least now i know y


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