FHM GND Sexy Fashion & Full Bikini
Date : 25 July (Sat)
Time : 9:30am-12pm(2.5 hours include half hour break time)
Theme : Sexy Fashion & Full Bikini
Location : To be confirmed to confirmed participants.
Group Size : 3 to 6
Cost : $45 per pax ($35 per pax for those who sign up for 18th/19th July shoots)

PRIVATE SHOOT for 1 to 1 or 2 to 1 can also enquire for special rate!

Model Stephanie - FHM GND002 2009

NOTE : Those who sign up from this shoot gets a special rate at $35 per pax!

Those interested, sms me at 82797753 or pm me with your name & contact or email to artemis_cs@yahoo.com with your name, CS nickname and contact.[/QUOTE]