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Thread: Adobe Bridge CS4 or Nikon View NX

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    Question Adobe Bridge CS4 or Nikon View NX

    Hi all~! I got a question. In ur workflow, which is the better software for u to browse, manage picture taken? what are the pro and cons of each software as i got only get this 2 software to mass view my .NEF raw files

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    From a Nikon ViewNX user, these are the features in the Nikon ViewNX that suits my need
    -- It is a freeware
    -- Preview image at full screen size
    -- Able to mvoe, delete and rename pictures
    -- Able to tag & rate image while viewing at full screen preview image mode
    -- Able to read "more" details out from the EXIF files as compared to generic EXIF reader
    -- Integrate well with Nikon CaptureNX2 especially version 2.20
    -- Batch conversion of RAW files
    -- Basic quick adjustment of RAW or JPEG files especially with Picture Control function
    -- IPTC data handling

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    Default Re: Adobe Bridge CS4 or Nikon View NX

    i like viewNX... because it allows light tuning of White Balance, Color Mode, Exposure (up to 2 stops), and a bit of other things... not extensive but just enough if you didn't get it right on the spot...


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