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Thread: nero 5.5?

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    Question nero 5.5?

    after burning the chinese mp3 into cdrw...the folder becomes "????" and unreadable.
    any idea how i can resolve this?


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    More details required.
    What exactly are you trying to do? Make a data CD and copy mp3 files onto it?
    Then in explorer you browsed the CD and the folder name is ???.

    Did you eject the CD after burning and reinsert?

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    I m just burning the mp3 (chinese songs) into a CDRW in nero.
    in a conventional data cd mode, I believe this is the rite mode for mp3.
    But in the file browser of the nero interface...after i hv burned them, the folder which was in chinese characters became "????" and unreadable.

    In winxp, the folder and tracks remains to be seen as chinese characters and playable in winamp..albeit the display of the chinese fonts is also incorrect in winamp. BUT at least it is still playable....unlike the "burned" mp3 which is unrecognisable at all.

    any idea?

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    Sounds like an issue with support for chinese characters in both nero and winamp. Have you tried windows media player instead of winamp? What about windows explorer - do the chinese characters on the CDRW display correctly for that?

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    will give it a try tonite.
    the chinese characters folder in winxp explorer looks ok.

    i resolved part of the problem by changing the folder name into english, now i can still get it burned on the CDRW. once i play it in the mp3/cd player...the player display the characters incorrectly.

    the thing i m sure is nero cant support display of chinese characters song names...the language pack can only change the interface language and NOT the song names language. (already tried tt).

    btw Royce,
    you familiar with mp3 ripping/encoding?
    if so, what program are you using to convert cds to mp3 and yet display chinese characters in their true fonts.

    thanks mate!

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    Yah very familiar with ripping software. I use Easy CD-DA extractor. Probably not the fastest encoder (it uses the LAME encoder for mp3), but is very reliable and quality of ripped mp3's is very good.

    Don't know how well it supports chinese characters, as I'm an aussie!!


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