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    Ok, This is going to be a really funny post..

    I've always been able to whistle the whole Doh, Ray, Me, Fah, Soh, La, Ti and Doh.
    Which means I can whistle many songs out there?perhaps...

    Anyway, anyone knows if theres any people in Singapore that actually gets together to er.. whistle? lol

    There are actually International Whistling Convention, competitions,etc...
    Just curious
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    fwah!!! so high pitch!!!!

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    How many octaves can you span?

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    A whistling choir? Interesting idea hehe!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dream Merchant View Post
    How many octaves can you span?
    Er I dont know music, but tink only 1 max 2?lol
    I dont know but if its acappella then do they 'sing' only 1 octave?

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    CS whistling choir! interesting!

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