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Thread: Your PP machine

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    Default Your PP machine

    Just curious to see how many of you do PP on :
    1) Windows desktops
    2) Mac desktops
    3) Notebooks
    4) Macbooks

    Does any of you use both Mac and Windows OS and found a huge benefit of one OS from the other?
    Do you just use a dedicated machine for PP or it is the same machine u use for your work / play and hobby?

    Maybe can also share what kind of hardware power is packed in your machine?

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    a poll might be easier for you do collate the data..

    to reply to your questions, i only do simple editing like brightness/contrast/saturation etc. Not that my pics are very good.

    I'm using Windows vista on a desktop. Its my all in 1 pc. Gaming + editing + work. Running Core2Quad 2.83Ghz with 4 GB DDR2 ram and a Nvidia 9600GT graphic card.
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    oh ya.. good point.. maybe a mod can help me amend the thread to include a poll?? Please??? sollie to trouble you lah...


    For me, I am using a Notebook to do PP..... on vista too. Same machine for my work

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    I use windows desktop to pp.

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    Default Re: Your PP machine

    I do my PP on a DIY desktop PC on WinXP..... still my fav OS

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    I think you can get a 64-bit version of CS4 for vista. Mac's are only 32-bit at the moment.

    Using CS3 on mac and pc and overall, it seems a bit snappier on the mac book pro. This could really be due to the difference in cpu's though as the pc desktop is has a bit slower dual core.

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    i moved from a XP-notebk to XP-desktop to a macbook.

    PP is intuitive and faster on the macbook.
    boils down to personal preference la.

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    I always wonder why alot of graphic designers do their work on a mac.. is it really the machine, OS interface or just for 'style'???

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    I can say both + 1. Powerful, easier yet georgeous ...

    Mine is Apple Aperture + Plug-ins + Macbook Pro ...

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    Macbook 13" Unibody non-pro, 4 year old customised PC 2ghz dual core AMD, 4x512mb DDR1 ram, Nvidia 7800GT and lots of internal and external harddrives.

    MB usually for processing photos, PC usually for mass storage / access to external powered harddrives which were formatted last time for windows only, and also for my gaming i.e. CSS / TF2. Now that I've also reinstalled starcraft 1 for my MB and loads of other nice freeware games like Wormux, I spend way less time on the PC.
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