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Thread: Dive Operators Doing Referral Courses?

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    Default Dive Operators Doing Referral Courses?

    To all divers or people familar with the diving scene.

    This doesn't seem too common with Singapore operators, but do you guys have any recommendations on operators carrying out referral courses on diving (i.e. just theory and pool lessons)?

    My friend is interested in taking up the course, I was thinking that its possible she do the referral in Singapore first, then complete the course at her own leisure in other countries e.g. Thailand.

    There is even some online learning for the theory part for PADI.

    I do realise that some local operators do offer the whole Open Water Package in Thailand, just wish to consider the options.

    My dives are usually with overseas operators, so I'm not too familar with the local diving scene.

    Looking forward to your comments and suggestions.

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    Default Re: Dive Operators Doing Referral Courses?

    i think most divecenters in singapore will be able to do a referral for your friend. any reason why she does not want to do the whole thing with a local operator? its usually a lot cheaper than doing it in other countries.

    i know an operator who conducts pool and theory in singapore, and the open water portion in bali over the weekend. pretty affordable. PM me if you need more info.
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    Default Re: Dive Operators Doing Referral Courses?

    Part of the reason was that many operators are going to Malaysia, which i think might not be feasible in the end of the year due to weather conditions.

    The alternative of P. Hantu was actually quite disconcerting to my other friends who struggled in the challenging viz. After his experience, he swore off scuba diving, which in my opinion, was quite a pity.

    If you don't mind, you can PM me for the Bali deal. I'll check it out. Thanks alot.


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