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Thread: Help Needed in PS.

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    Hi everyone, can anyone help me in designing a thumbnail square or rectangle boxes in PS, when ready, you can drag a photo into it and it will snap itself to the boxes. I try using marque tool but it doesnt work. So I hope someone can help....

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    create new layer
    use marquee tool to create the shapes u want
    fill the square with black
    ctrl J to make as many layers as u need

    *open photo u want to use, select all and copy
    hold ctrl and click onto the layer where u want to post the photos onto - the marquee should be selected
    go edit > pass onto
    free transform
    adjust your photo, press enter

    repeat *

    save file as PSD, reuse the next time

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    Thanks soeypixels, u been a great help. Will try ur tips soon.


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