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Thread: LightRoom Renders RAW Darker than JPG

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    Hi All:

    I am having an issue with how Lightroom renders RAW differently from JPEG. I uses Canon and when I import photos into Lightroom, I noticed that the CR2 (RAW) files are darker than the JPEG files. This phenomenon varies from photo to photo. I also noticed that the CR2 histogram is different from JPG histogram. Can any of you experts shear some insights into this? I have done some research on forums and books but has not found anything conclusive. Also tried the Windows color management but it doesn't help.

    Sorry if it is a repeated question. It would be kind of you to lead me to answer if you know of the solution. I'm much perplexed by this issue.

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    This is not surprising. You can think of it as 2 different RAW converters. The in-camera JPEG was created from the RAW data using the in-camera RAW converter. The image you see in Lightroom was created from the same RAW data using Adobe Camera RAW (ACR) converter. So it is hardly surprising that the 2 images look different; because 2 different RAW converters were used. Specifically, the Lightroom image looks darker because (ACR) use a different set of default development settings than the RAW converter in-camera.
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    What I can guess is that the picture setting when capturing JPG is not in standard mode in your Canon. Check what is your picture mode? Are the brightness and contrast values too high? For RAW these values are stored but not affect your image, so that's why the JPG may look a bit different from RAW.

    Do correct me if I'm wrong.

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    You can disable the autoadjustments of your raw file.

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    Rendering: travelfotografer is right, the RAW conversion formula that LR uses is different to what the cam is doing, hence different interpretation. You want exactly what you see on your camera screen then use DPP

    Histogram: the histogram you see in cam is the jpeg histogram not the RAW histogram. the histogram you see in LR is also showing the values for something converted into 8bit. each conversion gives you a different histrogram, try playing around with the different setting in camera calibration in the library module.

    The problem is basically that your cam records data in RAW but this data has by itself no meaning... you need to assign colours to the data and that can be done in different ways.
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