I'm getting a monopod this weekend, so i need so review/ adivise from u guys.
Below are the spec for the 2 monopod i considering.

2. GM2561T 6 143 cm/56.3" 36 cm/14.2" 0,33 kg/0.7 lbs 4.5 kg/9.9 lbs
2. GM2541 4 160 cm/63" 53 cm/20.9" 0,5 kg/1.1 lbs 12 kg/26.4 lbs

the GM2561T stated it can hold 4.5kg, meanning if i hold more than 5kg, will it shake or give way?
coz eventally, we will use our hand to hold the pod right.
i don't understand this point, please enlighten me.