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    hey guys, i have seen certain landscape shots that were taken with a shutter speed of 130 secs, 300 secs and some exaggerated figures. no matter how i meddle with my d80, the shutter speed is slowest at 30secs, is this a limitation of the nikon d80 camera or is there external equipments that can be used to achieve this.

    also, i realised that my camera always gives me dust specks on the photos that i shoot. no matter how much i clean the lenses they still appear. after i read up a little i suspect it may be a dirty sensor. how do i go about cleaning this? i heard from friends i got to spend some money at the nikon shops to get them cleaned. is it true or can i diy for this?

    please enlighten

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    1. Check if the D80 has a "bulb" mode.

    2. Do a google search for "how to clean camera sensor". Learn to DIY.

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    for my d60, I need to switch to "M" mode and just go beyond the 30 sec shutter speed, which is bulb. Press the Shutter Release and shutter opens, release it and shutter close. So if I wanted 1 min exposure, just press for a min then let go. But i prefer to use my remote, it appears as "time" after the 30 sec limit on display, press once to open shutter press again to close shutter. Your d80 should be able to cable release. You should then be able to go beyond 30sec.


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